Journaling For Kids: Just The Book You Need To Start A Habit Forming Activity

I knew that this is something every child should be introduced to. This is what will make a shift in how 21st-century kids will think. Check it out.

Gratitude is believed to be one of the healthiest emotions that humans can practice. But do you feel it is a forgotten word in millennial parenting? Teaching kids to be “grateful” is important because instilling the sense of the gesture goes beyond good manners. 

So how do we do that?

For me, journaling has always been a positive activity for myself. And can’t wait to introduce this to my daughter. Through journaling – children can express how they feel, explore and identify emotions, feel anger, express fear, gain some insight into their own and other people’s motives, see the positives as well as the negatives, plan out difficult conversations ahead of time, and more. 

So how do we plan to do this? When I came across Thinkle Buds – I knew that this is something every child should be introduced to. This is what will make a shift in how 21st-century kids will think. 

P.S Aditi Surana speaks to us about ournal Write Now Technique is what every parent needs to start off as a conscious habit-forming technique to address their fears, anxieties and parenting struggles. Check the bundle on – KSP Summer Fun Factory. 

What is Thinkle Buds?

ThinkleBuds create engaging books for children that instill strong values and help children become happy, confident individuals who can make a difference in the world. We always speak about mental health and how we should protect children at an early age. These books will be a habit forming journaling activity that will push children to reflect on their thoughts and emotions.  The aim is to develop the Self Concepts – Self Awareness, Self-Love, and Self Esteem in children. 

What’s in these journals?

  • Essential skills like responsibility, leadership, gratitude, health habits, time management, etc are introduced to children through fun, engaging activities. 
  • Leadership journals, Confidence building journals, Conversation cards, Daily journal, Emotion Cards, Values Journal By Thinkle Buds, to get them started to understand their emotions. 
  • Printables that will help your children think out of the box, develop confidence and get their creative juices flowing. 
  • These journals will help the children write and express themselves and make them more aware of their emotions. 
  • These are my favourite because it is a fun space for children to think, reflect, and grow. (We need this in our fast-paced lifestyle in the city, right, mommies?)

Get your hands on these books and kickstart journalng with your kids – you will see a shift in their behaviour. Don’t you think?

Instagram: Thinkle Buds

Website: Thinkle Buds

Where to buy: Thinkle Buds 

Price: Rs. 1,100 onwards


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