Just In | New Sensory Toys From UK To Add To Your Nursery

Educational toys for young children and older kids with special needs. Don’t forget to check them out.

One thing parents forget is that toys are not just noisy objects that children love and keep them engaged. Toys help motor development, concentration, word recognition, cognitive development and so much more. Toys help children and they go a long way in aiding in therapy for differently-abled children with their motor skills. 

On Find it On KSP, we are excited to share that Learn Well has launched in India. These toys focus on your child's development. Want to know what it offers?

What is Learn Well?

We are always on the lookout for toys that add some value to your child's life and Learn Well focuses on child development through the 5 senses. The aim to cater to children and older ones with special needs a broad range of sensory learning experiences. 

Here's a few more details:

  • Each product represents the research that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain's pathways – so Learn Well thinks about sight, sound, smell, and touch for each product. 
  • The world has to be a better place for our children and avoiding plastic has been a narrative everywhere. We love that the brand opts using wooden toys to keep the planet happy. 
  • Kids are curious to explore and learn new things. These educational toys are tools to explore the world. The different designs of educational toys also encourage creativity in children. Some toys that can be manipulated into various shapes and structures teach kids how a variety of things come to being.
  • The toys' vibrant colour, the calming noise of the beads, the different materials used, engages children through their senses. Sensory play can help to strengthen brain development, enhance memory and the ability to complete more complex tasks, as well as helping to improve hand to eye coordination.
  • Learn Well Mirror Marble Wheel, Learn Well Rotating Bell Flower, Learn Well Rotating Bead Wheel, Learn Well Mirror Chimeabout, and more – check them out and get the one your child is going to love the most. 
  • These toys are ideal for exploring how sound travels with young children and older ones with special needs. The toys make different sounds as well. 

P.S If you want to get your hands on how to make these sensory toys at home using waste materials, don't forget to check out KSP Summer Fun Factory. We have an extensive list you and your child are going to love. 

Do let us know what you think of this recommendation and write to us if about your preference of toys. 

Where to buy: Silver Rattle

Instagram: Learn Well

Age: Infants or older kids who are differently-abled

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