Kajol On Raising Kids, PTA Meetings, And What Ajay Devgn Does Better As A Parent

In a KSP exclusive, actress and mom of two Kajol sits down for a candid chat on parenting, the kind of mom she is, what she thinks of PTA meetings and even the one thing she would change about her kids!

When you sit down to talk with acclaimed actress Kajol, you don't know where the conversation will take you. Will she be her candid best or will she be reserved and tacit in her replies? Turns out, she is funny, candid and loves hitting the question out of the park!

We caught up with her during her promotions for Helicopter Eela and asked her 33 questions about parenting. 

Kidsstoppress is proud to be the online parenting partner for Helicopter Eela! 

In a KSP exclusive, Kajol answers 33 questions about everything from her favourite parenting hacks to how she changed her parenting style after shooting for Helicopter Eela. 

Here are some excerpts: 

Kidsstoppress: Your take on helicopter parenting: 
Kajol: Time- consuming!

Kidsstoppress: Your favourite social media platform? 
Kajol: Instagram!

Kidsstoppress: The worst criticism you have heard about yourself as a parent? 
Kajol: That I am like her! (Helicopter Eela)

Kidsstoppress: The superpower you need the most? 
Kajol: Clones!

Kidsstoppress: The trick for women to achieve work-life balance? 
Kajol: Get rid of…

Kajol handles every question with ease and comfort and her trademark humour making this one podcast you simply can't miss!

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Tune in now! 

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