Kamana Gautam | Your Baby’s Poop Diaper Is Making Its Way To The Food You Eat

More than 15 million diapers we dispose of, end up in landfills every year. Listen to the full episode to know what happens when we throw all our waste carelessly,

Not one diaper, But did you know more than 15 million diapers that we dispose, end up in landfills every year?

That number is particularly shocking when you realise that we don’t have proper waste management systems… so when we throw all our waste carelessly it goes directly into the ground, the air, the water and even the food we eat.

As parents, our children’s future is our biggest concern. We invest thousands in their education but the very space they play, roam and breathe in, the planet we’re leaving behind for them, will be a giant pile of waste if we don’t make changes soon.

In this episode of The Waste No More Podcast Series, Mansi Zaveri, founder of Kidsstoppress.com and Kamana Gautam – an MSc nutritionist, mom and eco-warrior sit down to discuss the topic of waste management, and waste segregation.

“Our parents and grandparents had it right from the beginning. Sustainability is rooted in our culture and every single one of us is capable of it, all we need is a little shift in mindset.”

The more I read about it I wanted to be the solution and not the problem

Here’s how Kidsstopperss.com is addressing this issue

Kidsstoppress.com, India’s leading parenting platform collaborates with Hindustan Unilever, SBI, and Vikaasa with Xynteo – on a special zero waste management podcast series. Here we will be educating our eco-warriors on how to manage their waste. We are going to share actionable tips, and tricks that will help us make that shift in our lifestyle.

It is about starting small, and not changing everything in one go. Listen to the entire podcast to know why we need to live more sustainably and how.

Teach your kids to be more environmentally conscious by reading these books that help raise eco warriors.

P.S Don’t forget to participate in the quiz and educate yourself with the curriculum! The winners will be announced in the next episode!

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