Kanna Panna : A Story About Disability

What does it mean when you manage to save your family despite having a disability? It means you are a little hero! But more than that you need to tune in right now to listen to the tale of Kanna Panna and his little adventure with his family, because disability means nothing right?

How do you teach your children about disability? It is not an easy topic to talk about and of course, children will have a zillion questions which are so difficult to answer. I found reading books on disability very helpful when it comes to teaching my kids about tough topics. Just exposing them to stories and books about a topic can help children grasp a lot more about a subject than we can imagine. 

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This story helps too! 

Written by Zai Whitaker and narrated by Sangeeta Gupta, Kanna Panna is about a little boy who can't see but that just means when the lights go off at the cave temple and it is very dark and no one else in his family can see enough to make their way out, Kanna knwos exactly how to go out. 

Your child will fall in love with this lovely story! Tune in now! 

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