Kavita Baluni | Adopting A Differently- Abled Child & The Journey Of Raising Her Child

Kavita Baluni talks about how she adopted a beautiful child with Down Syndrome, Veda. In this podcast she shared with us how she got her home to her in 45 days, the process of adoption and how her homeschooling journey. Watch this heartfelt Raising Parents episode on Jio Saavn.

I don't want to be a bio mom – Kavita Baluni, (Veda's mom)

Everyone talks about how they are eager about embracing motherhood. If it is necessary to have kids before 30? If they should consider having one or 2? Should they opt for vaginal delivery or c-section and the list continues? But we never speak about a parent who never wants to have a child? A parent who doesn't want to be a bio-mom (which means never wants to get pregnant). Can we as a society normalize that?

Kavita Baluni went up to her husband before they got married with one condition that she would never get pregnant. She and her husband decided later to adopt a beautiful child with Down Syndrome, who needed a lot of love and care. Not was it bold, we are amazed how this power couple has been on the same page, been focused on how they want to give back to society, and just everything that they are doing. 

At Kidsstoppress, we have created a community where we have spoken to Gopika, Pooja, and many mothers who have differently-abled children and shared their views on parenting. We aim to create a community where all kinds of children without any labels are accepted for who they are. 

When we spoke to Kavita Baluni, Veda's mother, on Raising Parents – a Jio Saavn podcast hosted by Mansi Zaveri, we spoke about:

  • How can a family be on the same page when they are thinking of adoption? 
  • How to raise a child with Down Syndrome
  • Why she opted for homeschooling 
  • About how to reel life and real life is different 
  • And more… 

Family acceptance or no acceptance, societal acceptance or no acceptance – Kavita is doing everything that she thinks is right when she is raising her daughter. 

Are you ready to do the same?




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