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A few years ago, when I was walking my daughter to the bus stop, she asked me why school buses were yellow in colour. Believe it or not, I didn’t know the answer. I knew there had to be a platform where I could keep kids engaged by feeding in knowledge and facts they are going to love! Boom. I knew podcasting was the way to go because, in recent research,  it was said that audio education actually engages children’s imaginations more than video.

By letting children use their occipital lobes (visual imaging) to create images, rather than processing incoming visual information from a video—it literally helps unlock their minds. 

When I got introduced to the world of podcasting, I got obsessed with it, as I could absorb content on the go- during my morning walk or when I was busy with chores.  And as a parent, I couldn’t wait to introduce this to my children who were glued to books or apps all day and were on the lookout for a breather.

So, how do you get your family started in this habit of podcasts? We recommend incorporating it in the morning or night routine. Pick a podcast of their interest and something that would keep them engaged.

As Andre Agassi said, rules without relationships result in rebellion, similarly, I don’t believe in introducing this as a punishment. It has to be enjoyed by a family, as a whole! It is said that listening to podcasts together, makes children learn more!

Whether we’re in the car or at home making dinner, listening to podcasts with my kids has become a treasured way to spend time together. From diving into storytelling podcasts that tickle our imaginations to opting for educational episodes that open new worlds, we’ve found a little something for everyone in our search for family-friendly podcasts. 

Season 3 of the Kidsstoppress podcast is set to launch & each episode is your go-to source for inspiration, support, and laughter on an incredible parenting adventure. Get ready for laughter, tears and a whole lot of realness.

We had a blast last season & can’t wait to share what we have planned for you. We’re turning up the volume and baking up something even bigger and better for you!

The past seasons have been so overwhelming & were a mix of lots of fun moments, bits of sadness & a lot of insight into each person’s parenting journey.

Subscribe, listen, and engage on your favourite podcast platform. Don’t miss out on the fun – it’s going to be a season to remember!

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