KSP Book Club: 4 Books By Leo Lionni Your Kids Must Read

Want to introduce books with great illustrations with morals and values. Here is a quick sneak-peek into these four masterpieces by the renowned author. 

Renowned author and illustrator, Leo Lionni has created more than 40 highly acclaimed and commended children books. He was among the first author/illustrator to use collage as the main medium for his illustrations, which has been an inspiration for many illustrators ever since. His oeuvre is designed to use earthly colours and tones close to actual object colours and he often used animals, birds, insects or other creatures to narrate his stories of human morals and life lessons.

Reviewers such as Booklist and School Library Journal have said that Lionni's illustrations are "bold, sumptuous collages" that include "playful patches of color" and that his "beautifully simple [and] boldly graphic art [is] perfect to share with very young children.

Among other accolades and awards, he was a four-time Caldecott Honour Winner—for Inch by Inch, Frederick, Swimmy, and Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse. Here is a quick sneak-peek into these four masterpieces by the renowned author. 

Inch by Inch:

It is the story of wittiness of a tiny, winsome hero – inchworm. One day when a robin was about to gobble it, the inchworm convinces him not to eat. Inchworm persuades by saying that he is useful as he can measure things. The robin is impressed when the inchworm measures his tail which is five inches long. They set off to measure the neck of flamingo, toucan’s beak and other birds. One day, a hungry nightingale met the inchworm who threatened to eat him for breakfast unless the inchworm measured his song. The inchworm uses his intellect and wit to escape. The book opens up avenues for discussion on measurement concepts as well as teaches some valuable life lessons of using courage and ingenuity to outwit the enemy. Buy here

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