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As much as we claim that today’s ample distractions draw our kids away from the world of reading, we need to confess that these are probably the best times to raise a reader.

As a self-confessed book worm myself, on days I don’t get the time to sit down curled up with a book, I resort to audiobooks when on the go, or when I pack stuff for a holiday, and when I sadly need to say bye to my big stack of books, the Kindle comes to the rescue!

My children, keen observers themselves, have noted this and are happily following suit. Especially with the Kindle Unlimited subscription, we now access thousands of e-books for both children and adults and curl up reading them together.

(P.S- Did you know that the entire Harry Potter collection is available for FREE with the Kindle Unlimited subscription?)

You can get your hands on the Kindle Unlimited subscription for 2 months by joining KSP Book Club at just Rs. 499 a year!

Here’s what you will get when you sign up for the same:

  • For starters- it is priced at just Rs.499 a year. Howzzat?! 
  • Curated book reccos for your child’s age and interest
  • Booklists featuring Indian & International authors
  • Exclusive Meet & Greet with Authors 
  • Access to exclusive book reading and storytelling sessions 
  • 2 months FREE access to Kindle Unlimited Subscription (worth Rs 338)

So what are you waiting for? Gift your kids (and yourself) the KSP Book Club Subscription Programme NOW! 


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