KSP Book Club: Girl Power

Not just your daughters, here is why your sons must read this book to get inspired. Buy it right away!

Do you read your children’s books before you hand it to them? I didn’t have that habit until very recently. I happened to flip through the pages of one of the books my girl was reading and I must confess- I was more shocked than upset. The book dealt with male protagonists, heroes-all of them and out to save the young girls and women in their town! And that’s when it struck me. Are our kids reading right? Are we, as parents, getting them age-appropriate books?

If you are looking for answers to these as well- here is why we suggest you sign up for KSP Book Club, where we dissect the new releases in the book market as well as revisit some of the classics that every child must read. Click on the image below to join fellow mommies who are loving our reccos. 

On KSP Book Club today: 

Today, on KSP Book Club, we tell you why Scholastic’s “Girl Power” is on our bookshelves. Penned by Neha Hiranandani, this book tells your kids the untold stories of 50 powerful Indian women and why they must be your child’s next role model. This book is suitable for kids aged 8 and above. Buy the book here. 

Women empowerment, feminism and gender equality are topics that are surfacing now only on paper, but these women gave it their all and broke the rules to follow their passion and make a difference to the society. The book features 50 successful women from MS Subbulakshmi, PV Sindhu, Mary Kom to tales of women such as Kalpana Saroj, Meenakshi Gurukkal, Temsutula Insong among others. 

Neha Hiranandani, a Harvard alumnus and a famous coloumnist, came upon the idea of a book on successful Indian women when her 7-year-old daughter read the Rebel Girls series and asked her mom if India had only 2 superwomen, we could be inspired of. That proved to be the seed of inspiration for Girl Power. In an interview to the Vogue, Neha has mentioned how she went about choosing the 50 women for the book. 

“I was clear that this wasn’t going to be just a list of accomplished Indian women—the women in this book had to be mavericks, ceiling smashers! I set about finding the stories and really, what stories they are!”

Illustrated by Niloufer Wadia, the illustrations in this book, aid in the narration in addition to the easy-to-follow text. The best part we loved about the book, was the fact that it features not just successful women who have made it to the Page 1 headlines, but also names that are less common, but nonetheless inferior in achievements. 

If you are a parent in Mumbai, we told you why you must not miss this book launch tomorrow. We at KSP are delighted to be moderating an insightful panel at the book launch that talks about strong Indian women who broke the rules and achieved big. Neha Hiranandani, Sonali Bendre and Mansi Zaveri will take you through a discussion that traces the lives of Indian trailblazers who didn’t take NO for an answer. Achievers in their own ways, these women tell us what it takes to be successful in today’s times and how women need to go beyond the “missus” tag. Here’s is your last-minute chance to confirm your presence-  Click on this link to RSVP right away. 

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