KSP Book Club: Hope: Stories For A Healthy Mind

A book that addresses real issues in a way our young readers can understand- this book gets our vote on KSP Book Club.

The year 2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most difficult years for all- kids and parents. From having to come up with never-ending ideas to entertain the little ones to learn to work from home with the kids around, parents have had a tough last 9 months. And the kids have had it tough too. And there are enough studies published this year that explain why the mental well-being of children has taken the biggest hit this year- and that’s something we need to sit up and take notice of. 

In today’s KSP Book Club, we talk about Scholastic India’s new book by a Clinical Psychologist- Hope: Stories For A Healthy Mind. Scroll down to read about it on KSP Book Club. 

Hope: Stories For A Healthy Mind:

Parents forget how some of our problems when we let it spill over to our interactions with the kids, can affect them, their morale and self-esteem too. In addition to this, kids face their own troubles, that we need to pay keen attention to. Written in a narrative story-like flow, the book discusses issues such as marital conflicts, obsessive-compulsive disorder in kids and depression and anxiety. 

The author Pragati Sureka, with a decade and a half of experience in mental health, is a qualified Clinical and Occupational Health Psychologist. In addition to conducting workshops on mental health and emotional well-being, she has penned this first book that helps break down these serious topics in a way that kids and parents can read together and understand. The book also has notes for parents on how to boost their child’s self-esteem- something that will be very useful for millennial parents. 

So, we are saying: 

When I read this book with my 8-year-old daughter I had to answer some of the questions that she didn’t understand initially, but then when she got into the story groove, she understood them easily. The stories with kids as protagonists help deliver the message about mental well-being, why that matters, and what you can do to keep people happy around you (that includes you too!). 

From a children’s book world perspective I feel this is an important book to help address the various doubts a child would have in mind, as whereas clear the air on the various social taboos prevalent. Amidst the Harry Potters and fantasies, it is essential we feed our young readers (8+) with books with special messages like these. 

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