KSP Book Club: Make Me Happy Salads

What if instead of micromanaging every bite, you try and help kids develop fun and healthy relationship with the greens? Here’s what this mom recommends.

Everyone has heard of the proverb “a family that eats together, stays together.”

But when it comes to getting your little one to eat salads and veggies at the table, everything goes spiralling down the drain.  From sneaky inclusions in other foods, bribing, constant cajoling, to even resorting to the dreaded shovelling the greens down their throats, all this can lead to very emotionally charged and conflict-filled meal-times.

So what if instead of micromanaging every bite, you try and help them develop fun and healthy relationship with the greens? Not only will this ensure good health but also lead to better eating even when you are not being a helicopter parent. This is why I love and strongly recommend this book for every mom.

So, tell me more about this book?

“Make Me Happy Salads” is not just another parenting or recipe book you will come across. In fact, it doesn’t preach or give any form of expert advice or talk about salads needing elaborate ingredients and preparations. It is simple, sweet and precise in showcasing only nature-inspired easy-peasy salads! How cool is that?!

There are bright colour photos of 24 salads combinations, which are so fantastically ingenious. A pineapple bumble-bee, broccoli mountains, cucumber trees, cherry tomatoes caterpillars, watermelon moon, beetroot star, kiwi owl, and I can go on and on. What is surprising is that, not only are these salads ridiculously simple to make, they also don’t require any complex chopping or expensive cookie cutters. The only skill set required is loads of giggles, goofiness and willingness to have fun. (Buy the book here) 

What makes this book a hit with the kids? 

Each salad is accompanied by a cute rhyme which you gleefully croon away with your little one. Zarine Jalil Menon has written them in a very simple language and about the wonders of the mountains, seas, seasons, sky, and so on. Each salad has been well thought out by her and can be further changed and personalized as per one creativity and ingredient availability. Being a strong health food advocate, she doesn’t even use salad dressing, giving importance to developing the taste of pure, sweet and crunchy greens in their true form.  She was inspired to develop this book by her own little one, wanting to make the introduction of fruits and veggies a joyous experience. The author also conducts regular workshops for parents and children helping them express their creativity in salads making ideas. The rhymes have been written in beautiful calligraphy by Swati Chandak Sharma. (Buy the book here) 

So, I am saying…

  • If you are struggling with ideas to pre-occupy your little one on a rainy afternoon, try using this book instead.
  • Watch them create new ideas, tell stories, bring out their imagination, sing rhymes, giggle when they bite the head of their orange wedge turtle, or crunchy cucumber tree, or even juicy watermelon mountains and finally eat their greens.
  • Enjoy the simple screen-free bond time together.

Like my mom would always remind me, sometimes the best parenting advice will come from a non-parenting book!


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