KSP Book Club: The Postwoman & Other Stories

This week on KSP Book Club we tell you about this new release, suitable for kids aged 8 years and above. 

On #KSPBookClub in addition to book suggestions for kids, the best book reccos for kids of all ages, we also share handy tips and tricks that help you raise a reader. We have compiled the various tips we have shared and put them together as a ready reckoner for you to watch and take notes from.

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This week on KSP Book Club we tell you about this new release, suitable for kids aged 8 years and above. 

What's the new book?

The Postwoman and Other Stories, written by Priyadarshini, is a collection of 8 delightful tales for children. With each story revolving around a theme, they help teach our children the basic values, while not sounding too preachy. This picture book that balances stories, values and illustrations the right way to engage kids, is published by Notion Press. Click here to buy now. 

What's in this book? 

  • At the outset, we liked how the gender stereotypes are smashed right out there in the title! There are a lot more such references inside and we are glad this will help initiate the conversation on gender stereotyping with kids. 
  • Today's generation of children who are stuck at home, with the pandemic are bottling up their emotions and going through their own small battles that we often neglect. Hence any advice would only come across as preachy. But when essentials values are weaved in through subtle stories, they help reach the intended audience, the right way. 
  • The female protagonists mentioned in the book are strong, bold and don't take NO for an answer. Just what the children of this "me-too" generation need! 
  • Amidst a wide range of books with characters of International origin, it is welcoming to have stories with central characters who are desi, and relatable and with names that help connect us back to our roots. We need more such books by Indian authors adorning our bookshelves. 

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