[Contest Alert] Here’s How You Can Win A Copy Of “The Smurfs” Book Set!

Here’s your chance to win a copy of The Smurfs books that are now newly launched in India- read more about why your kids will love them!

Here’s a small riddle:

I am Small, I am blue. I am friendly, I am smart and I am goofy. And I live in a village with small mushroom houses… WHO AM I?

You guessed it right! I am a SMURF!

I’m so sure you are more than familiar with these tiny, tenacious, and talented blue creatures who live in tiny mushroom houses and made our childhood magical and fun! Smurfs are the definition of “Chota packet, bada dhamaka!” And here’s some news that will make you all go bananas!

The Smurfs are now in India! What?! Yes, they are! Now, even your kids have the chance to be acquainted with these funny and wholesome characters.

HarperCollins Children’s Books bring The Smurfs now to India- so your kids can read and enjoy them too! Kidsstoppress is delighted to be a part of this association that brings one of the children’s most iconic characters closer to them, in a form they love the most- through books!

What Are The New “The Smurfs” Books That Are Released?

The worldwide popular characters, created by Peyo, that are also part of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, have entertained and enthralled our kids with their adorable lead characters and hidden messages on marine life conservation and recycling in a language that children can understand.

They have come up with two series of books- one is The Smurfs- Ready To Read Series and The Smurfs Character Series

The Ready to Read series is a collection of 8 books for your kids to fall in love with the habit of reading with small, interesting stories that teach them a thing or two!

They are 32 pages long in each book and suitable for early readers – the ones who are just starting to read about on their own. Right from stories on how The Smurfs learn to make a friend to learning to be more responsible, to going to school, this series promises loads of fun reading for your little bookworms!

They are also perfect choices for you to read it aloud to enthusiastic kids, even the younger ones. And parents, remember, don’t stop the habit of reading to your kids, even after they have started reading on their own. Even if it is for just a few minutes in a day- will help bond better with kids, and help improve their vocabulary, as they learn from observing you. Lot more tips and hacks on raising readers on the KSP Book Club Reading Programme.

The Character series– a collection of 15 books introduces the iconic 3-apple-sized Smurfs and small and simple story narratives that teach the kids life lessons in a fun and “smurf”-tastic way! Be it handling your child’s talkative nature, helping their friends, or even learning to control their anger, the small stories, 28 pages, will help engage the kids with their quirky yet adorable Smurf characters.

How You Can Celebrate With Kidsstoppress

Each of these blue and lovely creatures has not only entertained us but also taught our kids a thing or two in the past, that makes them a global sensation. From a fun poll that tells you which Smurf character you are to life lessons your kids can pick up from The Smurf series to other interesting activities, we have got a lot planned for your mini-mes in the coming month and can’t wait to get started.

For starters, I am reminded of these funny yet thought-provoking quotes by The Smurfs that we have loved reading in the comics or from the movies.

The most I can do for my friend, is simply be his friend.

Simple yet hits you hard right? Another one by Papa Smurf is something each of us, as parents ought to teach our kids.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, it only matters who you choose to be.

Which is your favourite quote by The Smurfs? Go ahead and get the books for your kids and revisit some more magical lines like these from the tiny, blue and adorable creatures, that live in mushroom houses and dole out such beautiful lines!

Tell Me About The Contest!

Here’s how you can win a copy of The Smurfs:

  1. Go ahead and sign up for KSP Book Club- our Annual Reading Subscription Programme for kids in the article.
  2. Fastest fingers first! Limited entries to the KSP Book Club will win a copy of the latest Smurfs books that have been launched!
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