KSP Book Club: The Wizard Khizr

This latest book by Katha publishers is a winner. Read on to find out why we believe so.

Remember the Akbar–Birbal stories we grow listening to ore reading back then? Or the famous Thenaliraman stories that always ended with a moral as well as the witty style of solving a mystery? That's exactly the type of story we are visiting today on KSP Book Club. To join hundreds of other parents who are happy with our age-appropriate book recommendations for kids every week, click here right away! 

Today on KSP Book Club: 

On KSP Book Club today, we tell you why we liked Katha's latest book – The Wizard Khizr- an adaptation of a Persian folk tale, retold by the veteran Geeta Dharamarajan. Suitable for kids aged 6 and above, this book tells the story of a Persian king, his wise (or not so wise?!) ministers, a poor man in his kingdom and the mystical Wizard Khizr. The story is very simple. A kingdom in abject poverty seeks the help of a mystical person-but where does he live? Has anyone seen him before? 

What we loved best:

  • The narrative is simple and to the point.
  • The illustrations by Negin Ehtesabian are the highlight in this book, that will keep your kids engrossed till the last page. 
  • Is there always a clear right and wrong? Does a mid path exist? This book dwells on that concept- something the kids will find interesting. 
  • The book also revisits the essential values such as honesty and empathy- a reminder to teach our kids these essentials. 
  • We love the ending where the author gives the kids a brief about erstwhile Persia and about the land and culture of that place. 
  • As a part of their Ta-Da series, the book explains to parents how they can get the kids involved after they read the story. From asking questions to seeing if they understood clearly, to suggesting alternative ways- the book is also an ideal choice for schools and book reviews. 

So, we are saying, yet again, this one is a winner from Katha– that aims at the youngest of the audience with the simplest of languages. And they get it right!

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