KSP Kids’ Icon Of The Year: Pooja Dhingra

It was a true honour to give this people’s favourite the KSP Kids’ Icon Of the Year award!

Ask any kid today what they would want to be when they grow up, and "I want to be a baker ", would be amongst their Top 5 professions.   Unlike earlier when doctors, engineers, accountants were considered the only way you could do "well" in life; now baking is not considered just a passion/or a weekend affair but you can earn a living by pursuing your passion.

Pooja Dhingra was 6 years old when she was introduced to the magical world of baking. Mixing simple everyday ingredients like eggs, flour, butter & sugar produced something that she loved – a cake. Now which child doesn’t love cake! For her, this began her love affair with baking and she has not looked back since.

Pooja should have been a lawyer. But while studying law in Mumbai, she realized that she actually wanted to quit to do something more creative. She went to Paris and came back to introduce India to the macaron. She started off by running a small patisserie that retailed cupcakes and macarons, but today she is known & adored by kids and adults.

Which is why we at Kidsstoppress took the opportunity to award Pooja Dhingra, the Kids’ Icon of the Year Award 2019. The award was presented to her by 2 young fans who want to grow up to be just like her. You cannot miss excitement and awe on their faces.

Watch the LIVE to see what they asked Pooja Dhingra and what the bubbly, ever-smiling pastry chef had to say about it all! We also had some interesting questions to ask Pooja's parents about how she was as a kid! 



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