KSP X Sephora Masterclass On How To Get Ready In 5 Mins

What we took back from the masterclass with Sephora that KSP hosted. Want to know all about it?

We speak about sleep patterns, potty training, eating habits – but one thing we forget talking about is feeling like a woman again. Sometimes, the mom journey makes us forget how we felt earlier before we gave birth. We forget the importance of feeling fresh, dressing up and ready to go out to conquer the world.  Ever wondered why we do that? 

At first, even I thought – how would KSP host an event for Sephora? How would we be able to help our mommy friends? Well, we had the event and it was just amazing how we all have the same concerns. What we took back from the event is how to get ready in under 5 minutes with one product. Isn't this something all of us need? 

Sephora X Kidsstoppress

KSP hosted and event with Sephora when they were launching their new line Nudestix. We invited 30 other mommies who got in touch with us to be a part of this masterclass by Farhana Bodi, an international influencer. We were introduced to new products that can do various things – the same product can be used as a concealer, foundation, highlight contour and enhance. This is what every mommy/woman needs – a product that multitasks. Isn't it?


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