Last Minute Easy DIY Halloween Accessories

Halloween fun with a little work on costumes!

My kids have suddenly decided that this weekend they want to have a Halloween party for their friends. I can figure food out but costumes are a whole other story.  So after doing a little digging around (for all those last-minute mommies like me) we have found ideas that are simple, inexpensive and quick to DIY — the perfect combo. These clever Halloween costumes are super easy to make at home and won’t take time to put together. We’re quite sure you’ll find a costume that you can create and one that your kids will love.

Spooky Hair Ties

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This tiny spider and skull hair accessory is so cute and fun!  This hairstyle is sure to bring lots of attention and compliments!


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You can add Halloween-inspired embellishments to any basic handbag/sling using bright-coloured felt cutouts, buttons and pom poms.

Harry Potter Wand


Whip up a wizard’s wand for your Harry Potter-obsessed little one with a knitting needle or a dowel and a hot glue gun in just 15 minutes. Once your glue gun is heated up squeeze loads of glue into the base/top part of the knitting needle with the aim of creating a handle for your wand. Paint it with your choice of colour.

DIY Spooky Gloves

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All it takes is some felt and a little hot glue to turn ordinary gloves into these scary monster hands. From dinosaur hands to puppy paws and everything in between, these are super simple and loads of fun to put together.

Trick or Treat Cans

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Use paint buckets to make this no-fuss trick-or-treat pail and let your spooky imagination go wild.

Devil Horns

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When planning to dress up as the devil for Halloween or a costume party, the primary accessories include a horn. These horns are easy to make when you are running short of time using a hair band, paper and ribbons.

Monster Eye Hair Band

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Wobble your way around at the Halloween party with these adorably creepy monster eyes! Simple to make and fun to wear this monster eye hair band could be your whole costume or just a part of it. Be careful who you scare though!

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