Learn How The Polisher Makes The Diamond Sparkle

Wouldn’t you want to know the 4Cs of the diamond and what the unique identification code stands for? Listen to the entire podcast and learn fun facts with your child!

In our previous episodes, we have spoken about how diamonds were discovered, where the mines are, how are the rough diamonds extracted, where are they used, and how does it reach the manufacturers and polishing houses.

Today in this episode, we are going to talk about the polisher’s job after he receives the diamonds. How will he/she check the flaws and imperfections?

Did you know that before the diamond has the unique identification code of being a Forevermark Diamond there is an accurate blueprint of the 4Cs of each diamond and a unique identification number assuring the customer that the diamond is of high quality and craftsmanship?

To know what the 4Cs are, don’t forget to listen to the entire podcast! Facts like these are always fun for all children!

So pop open your ears, make sure you tune and listen to this episode with your kids. So tune in to listen to this episode with your kids.

P.S Stay tuned to know what next!

This post is written in association with Forevermark.

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