LEGO Fun & Rock Painting To The Rescue- Download The Daily Planner #2

Homebound and running out of ways to occupy the kids? Your daily planner is here delivered to your inbox every day to make life easier.

The situation seems to be changing every hour. Some states are on lockdown mode, while the others have already initiated a curfew. The Prime Minister is set to address us again today at 8 PM. Everyone is apprehensively waiting to see what news he’ll bring.

But till then, the kids are home and so is my husband. Keeping our sanity intact is the need of the hour.

Some things we all must do as a family include

  • Stick to a routine – It’s so easy to let things slip wit everyone home. Making a schedule helps keep the peace.
  • Eat healthy – We all worried about provisions bein available. Let’s use what we have judiciously.
  • Exercise of any kind is very important – whether using a skipping rope or making an obstacle course. Stay active.
  • Get your kids involved in chores. It gives them a sense of importance. 

We have also put together a fun, cost-effective and an easy-to-set-up recipe that kids and parents are going to love this summer! Your fav product at KSP Is back much earlier this year on popular demand! 

We have created bundles that have been curated based on your child’s age – from fun activities, there is something for everyone. Choose the bundle based on your child’s age and interests and get started! 

This is a one-day no fuss, no rule planner that your kids can follow. 

So your daily planner #2 is below

PS: If you are wondering what unwind time is then that’s the downtime your child needs to just relax and be a kid! I think that’s supremely important. Don’t you?

Scroll down to get everything you need to simplify your day and get back to a routine.

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