Day 2: Building An Engaged Community By Suta Sarees

As a brand owner have you wondered why it is so hard at times to connect with the community on social media and what you probably might be doing wrong? Why are you unable to hit the right target audience? And even when you do, what should be your tactic to convert these followers into customers?

Topics you will learn in this module: 

  • The Story Of How Suta Came To Be 
  • Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs
  • How To Convert Followers Into Customers
  • Tips To Take Your Business To the Next Level 
  • The Art Of Visual Storytelling For Business 
  • How to Use Pinterest For Your Business 
  • How To Scale Your Business & Take It To The Next Level? 

About the educators: 

In this module, we speak to Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas- founders of Suta. Suta that was founded in 2015, is a fresh design house that centres on creating a range of attire with a blend of tradition and contemporaneity. With a massive Insta following of 420k+, Sujata and Tanya explain all about their learnings in building an engaged community for small business owners. They share tips that are actionable and we couldn’t agree more when they said they sell what they believe in.

Your brand should reflect a strong foundation and values on Instagram. When you keep it real, people can connect to it and they feel comfortable engaging with it quicker. 

Watch this episode where they share tips and tricks for small businesses owners. Go ahead and take a look at the various segments of our video.