Let Your Kids Play Their Way Through Navratri With These Super Fun Games

How are you explaining the significance of the festival of Navratri to a child! I’m sure parents are looking at innovative ways to try and involve your little one in the festival, here are 5 unique activities that will teach your kids all about the Navratri festival
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Our country has its own curious mix of festivals and seldom does one come along that has so many different facets to it. While we adults ourselves take some time to understand the different ways Navratri is celebrated across the country, imagine explaining the significance of the festival to a child! That’s what I realised when I tried to explain to my toddler why we celebrate a festival for nine days! So as with everything, why not make this fun too? 

I’m sure all you parents are looking at innovative ways to try and involve your little one in the festival, here are 5 unique activities that will teach your kids all about the Navratri festival

1. Create Your Own Navratri Printable

To make your job easy, we’ve added links to images that you can download directly so that you don’t waste your time searching for them.

In the North-  Navratri is celebrated by hosting a Mata ki chowki and Kanya Puja at home.

In the West- It is all about the famous Garba dance, performed by both men and women, who are traditionally dressed in chaniya choli and kurta pyjama. 

In the East, people worship goddess Durga on all nine days by performing the Durga Pooja every evening, with women dressed in beautiful saris and men in Kurta-Pyjama.

And in the South of India, especially in states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Navratri is an occasion to invite friends, relatives and neighbours over to look at the Golu (an exhibition of various dolls and idols placed on steps) whereas, in Kerala, people perform Saraswati Puja and worship books on a particular day.

2. Teaching Colours With Colours Of Navratri

The nine colours of Navratri can be a good colour recognition exercise for your little ones just beginning to learn colours. Get them all excited about the colour of the day and from dressing them up to what they eat, make sure it is in that colour! Your kids will love it! For older kids, Diwali is just around the corner and hand-painted diyas will be a lot of fun for kids too. All you need is clay diyas, washable paint, glitter, a paintbrush, and a tiny amount of creativity to get started.

3. Make A Ramayan Storytelling And Role Play Kit  

Narrate a story out of the Ramayan for your kids and then use an old dupatta to ‘dress’ Sita, or a towel/dhoti for an instant transformation to Ram. Print out these Ram/Sita/Hanuman masks and get them to role-play the story you just narrated! Hours of fun are guaranteed! There is even a video below that teaches you how to make a homemade paper bow and arrow!

4. Teaching Numbers With Ravana 

If you want to try some easy number games, why not do it with Ravana’s many heads? All you need is 10 Ravana face masks (you can also draw and print 10 copies of the same) and get started with simple addition and subtraction math game for your child. What’s more? Teach the significance of Dussehra to your kids, the victory of good over evil, by creating a mini Ravan effigy at home along with them.

5. Colouring Pages

Here are some websites like www.thecolor.comwww.activityvillage.co.uk, www.pitara.com , where you will find Navratri /Diwali worksheets for your kids. Just print them out and hand them to your children to colour. We are sure they will enjoy them and get to learn more about this grand festival.

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