Life As A Kid For Masaba Gupta

In this KSP Radio, Masaba talks to us about her childhood, work and what makes her who she is. She speaks to us about how she dealt with colour discrimination, how she stood up for herself and she talks about how she was raised in 2 extreme thought processes. Tune in and find out how Masaba Gupta stood strong and balanced being traditional and modern.

Were you bullied as a child? Unfortunately, it’s a real problem. People are bullied for the colour of their skin, the way they looked, spoke or where they came from.   While many have the strength to overcome these problems and not let it affect them there are some who struggle their way through life. The effects of bullying can scar a young mind for life as per experts.

What do you do at such times?

Masaba Gupta, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and all-round fashion icon speaks to us about her childhood, her constant struggle with her family and their values and even shares anecdotes about how she came to be the successful entrepreneur she is today. 
Masaba Gupta also talks to us about discrimination against colour but urges women to face this! Tune in to this KSP Radio and get an insight on Masaba Gupta’s upbringing which was like a pendulum and how one event taught her to stand up for herself!  

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