Life Skills To Teach Your Child From An Early Age

Do you find yourself saying: “Don’t slouch. Don’t mumble!”? Use this time to build your child’s soft skills – essential life skills kids need to learn and they’ll thank you later.

Miles Davis rightly says: ‘Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing’.

Grooming kids at the right age in the right way is very important. They are clay in our hands taking the shape of the mould we put them into. Discipline, soft skills and life skills – all of it begins at home. Kids do what we do, they speak what they hear, they see what we show, and they learn what we teach as parents.

Parenting is an art with all the tools like canvas, brushes, paints, palate and the artists being different in their own style. Practical learning works for kids more than theory.

Let me take you through a few points that we as parents can take note of to groom kids.

Communication: This is the most effective tool in all scenarios.

  • Talk to kids
  • Spend maximum time with them
  • Let them know the right and the wrong.
  • Don’t devoid them of anything abruptly saying a NO, instead give them the reasoning as to why it is a ‘NO’ (it works).

Scroll down for other essential skills you must teach your kids. 

Social etiquette: Practise and make your little ones practise to greet people

  • Welcome guests into your home by offering them a glass of water and some snack
  • Talk to people
  • Make use of the golden words – please, thank you and sorry
  • Talk to them about our responsibilities towards society.

Body Language:  A good posture speaks volumes 

  • Don’t let your kids slouch, lean or take the support of walls to stand.
  • Teach them a good handshake
  • Teach them to walk lifting their legs rather than dragging their footwear
  • They should not dig their nose in public
  • Explain to them about maintaining eye contact while speaking to someone
  • Give importance to their appearance like attire, hairdo, footwear as it speaks you as a person.
  • Don’t forget to mention about wearing that smile as it is the only key that opens the lock of all hearts.

Life Skills: Involve kids in every task at home simplifying according to their age. Starting from putting the clothes in the laundry basket, gardening, sort out the groceries, keeping stuff in the refrigerator, putting things back at its place after using them, folding clothes etc. Let them be a part of each and everything. This way kids not only learn but are also engaged productively.

Less Screen Time and Encourage Reading: Monitor their screen time and strictly have control over it. Speak to them about the consequences of it. Make book reading a habit and encourage them to narrate the story. This would encourage in building up a lot of skills.

Playing Outdoors: Outdoor playing with friends is a must.

  • Don’t pamper them too much if they fall.
  • Let them learn to be a part of the team. They would have a healthy competition in the process which is great. It also helps in being physically active and boosts their stamina.

Value Of Things: Kids do grow without being surrounded by so many toys. They value things when it is limited and would learn to keep it safe and not destroy them. A lot of things can be done, taught and learnt by using resources available at home rather spending on every little thing. Value of money has to be imbibed at a young age. And always remember that saying a NO doesn’t make us a less lovable parent.

Making A Weekly Planner: Sit with your kids every Sunday and pen down the activities or to-do list for the following week and put it up where they can see it. Make it a fun way to sit and do things. This way they would remain focused on their tasks. Get them to strike it off as and when they finish the task.

Importance Of The Resources We Use In Our Daily Lives: Let the kids know the importance of turning things off like power, water, battery-operated toys and so on when not in use. It is necessary as we parents to be a leader for them to follow.

A Coin Has Two Sides: Make the kids understand there are good and bad days. There are happy and sad emotions. They would win and also can lose. Always winning will make them weak to face failures, if it comes in life. Tune them to accept both with grace and learn from it.

Our time is the biggest gift that we can give our kids. Cherish every moment of their growing phase and bring them up to be a responsible human with good values.

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