Life Skills To Teach Your Child From An Early Age

Do you find yourself saying: “Don’t slouch. Don’t mumble!”? Use this time to build your child’s soft skills – essential life skills kids need to learn and they’ll thank you later.

Miles Davis rightly says: ‘Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing’.

Grooming kids at the right age in the right way is very important. They are clay in our hands taking the shape of the mould we put them into. Discipline, soft skills and life skills – all of it begins at home. Kids do what we do, they speak what they hear, they see what we show, and they learn what we teach as parents.

Parenting is an art with all the tools like canvas, brushes, paints, palate and the artists being different in their own style. Practical learning works for kids more than theory.

Let me take you through a few points that we as parents can take note of to groom kids.

Communication: This is the most effective tool in all scenarios.

  • Talk to kids
  • Spend maximum time with them
  • Let them know the right and the wrong.
  • Don’t devoid them of anything abruptly saying a NO, instead give them the reasoning as to why it is a ‘NO’ (it works).

Scroll down for other essential skills you must teach your kids. 

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