Maggi is not the only one that needs to be on every parents ban list says Nutritionist Dhvani Shah. 

Why parents should have banned Maggi and all of these foods way before the lead incident?

Dhvani Shah is a naturopathic nutritionist, speaker and author of “Don’t just feed…Nourish your childâ€_x009d_, “Super foods for Super Womanhoodâ€_x009d_ and “Jinahaarâ€_x009d_. She has done extensive research in traditional diet therapies and naturopathy and its relevance in modern context and is pioneering drugless healing and well being through her unique approach – FIMS (Food Is Medicine & Supplement). She runs the “FIMS clinicâ€_x009d_ which supports a body-mind-spirit approach. Dhvani specializes in Woman and Child Nutrition by developing specialized nutrition programs, conducting workshops, formulating nutritious recipes, writing books and newspaper articles.


Maggi has been in the news lately when the instant noodle packets sold in UP showed elevated levels of “Leadâ€_x009d_ content in it. However, lead is just one of the many worries that Maggi and similar instant noodle products have to offer. Read on to know more…

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Lead is a mineral frequently used in the chemical & hardware industry. It is one of the compounds that are usually found in contaminated water and food. Here is what lead does to you;

  • Acute lead toxicity (immediate poisoning effects) lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, stomach aches, change in taste buds, muscle weakness, lower urination, anemia and breathing troubles
  • Prolonged lead poisoning causes gastrointestinal, muscular & nervous damage causing irritable bowel syndrome, lowered muscle coordination, loss of motor skills, hampered brain development, lung defects, scaly skin, behavioral disorders in children, fatigue, nutrient deficiencies and lower vigor
  • Complications include damage to the kidneys, reproductive system, hormonal imbalance, loss of bone mass, paralysis and high blood pressure
  • Lead toxicity in pregnant women causes damage to the fetal brain, growth & birth defects in the new born baby, gastrointestinal & breathing disorders in the mother and lead to complications during delivery.


  • MSG
  • Flavor enhancers
  • Acid regulators
  • Preservatives
  • Flour treatment chemicals
  • Anti caking agents

The above mentioned chemicals hamper brain growth, cause allergies, result in weight gain and lower micro nutrient absorption.

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More Reasons to avoid Maggi, Instant Noodles and Processed Snacks

1) Sodium

Natural sodium helps maintain the water balance in our bodies, but synthetic sodium disrupts it. Packaged noodles have a alarmingly high content of sodium that not only disrupt water balance, but cause nervous damage, loss of appetite and weight gain. So parents please look for back of packs while shopping.

2) Wax coated noodles

Instant noodles are coated with wax to extend their shelf life and retain their structure while cooking. Research says that instant noodles stay in the stomach for a minimum 48 hours after its eaten!! This definitely causes havoc in your gut.

3) Addictions

A recent study by the IDA said that instant noodles are “addictiveâ€_x009d_ due to the flavour enhancing substances and glutamate present in them. This leaves one asking for more!

4) Fussy eaters

What we also must remember is that, opting for such “addictiveâ€_x009d_ foods makes your child a fussy eater. These flavoring substances cause a change in ones taste palate, which is a major cause for fussy eaters. Instant noodles usually replace a healthy meal, hence lowering the nutritive food intake.

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