MagPad Review | Pincer Grip Development | Pre-Writing Skills

The MagPad helps develop the writing skills of your child with a 5 edged crayon that works well to develop their pincer grip. The game develops their fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creative skills and instruction following.

If you're a mother just like me who is constantly concerned about screen time, then you have to constantly revamp your child's toy collection. But whenever I enter a shop, I am overwhelmed with the sheer number of options and I feel all over the place. I am always fretting about which toy is right for my child and which one will keep her engaged for a long period of time. 

The MagPad by Edutoys is an ideal game and my child fell in love with it right away. The drawing board is filled with beads and it comes with a 5 edged crayon magnetic stylus. This game helps develop the writing skills of your child and it will also develop their pincer grip. The MagnaPad also improves their fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creative skills, and instruction following, and it will be a favourite toy companion for a very long time because of its durability and usability. You can experiment with this game and your little one teach them shapes, letters, and patterns on this pad!

The game also comes with a set of cue cards that you can refer to and show off your design talent. It is also the most perfect game when you're traveling! Tune in and you will fall in the free play drawing MagnaPad! 

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