Make These DIY Diwali Decorations With Your Kids

These fun DIY ideas are so simple, you can do them with your kids! Involve them to add sparkle and shine to your diwali.

This year’s celebrations are going to be full on and that means that you can spruce up the house with these simple DIY Diwali ideas you can do with the kids. Get your kids in Diwali mode by getting them to be a part of the festive decor!

Diwali is just around the corner and the kids are on a break from school and classes.

We are sharing 3 simple DIYs that you can do with your kids and make your festivities special.

The DIYs are:

  • Glitter Glass
  • Name Plate
  • Paper Cup Twinkling Flowers

 These simple DIY ideas will all go a long way to make your Diwali bright, sparkly, and filled with colour! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such fun videos and DIYs. Don’t forget to tag us when you decorate your home. 

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