Mangoes – When And How Much To Eat It | Suman Agarwal

In this KSP Exclusive, Suman Agarwal talks to us about the most loved and awaited ingredient of the year – mangoes. She debunks myths about mangoes and weight loss.

Mango – The King of all fruits and the summer fruit of India is loved by all kids and parents. Raise your hand if you agree! 

Despite the scorching sun, people welcome the summer season just for the mangoes. But many of us struggle with misconceptions about weight gain and skin problems stemming from this delectable fruit. I have been on a constant diet post pregnancy and I know that my love for mangoes goes beyond being at an ideal weight. So how many mangoes are too many? 

We shot an exclusive video with Nutritionist Suman Agarwal who had a lot to say about this wonder fruit and the right way to have it. Rich in fibre and vitamin-intake, mangoes are a lot more than just your guilty pleasure! Click here to know what Suman Agarwal had to say about eating right in summer. 

Watch this video to find out why a mango day is important, the ideal time to eat it and the best way to eat it. Turning the world into a mango lover- one at a time! Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like watching our range of videos on parenting, tips, hacks and lots more. And don't forget to leave your comments below! 



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