Mithun Sacheti, Founder Of CaratLane | Teaching Life Skills To Children

Mithun Sacheti, the founder of CaratLane shares his entrepreneurial journey, parenting style and more in this episode of Raising Parents, a podcast hosted by Mansi Zaveri on Jio Saavn. Don’t forget to listen to this candid insightful conversatoin.

While all of us are complaining about the pandemic, as parents, we should be focussing on life skills over education at such times. It is not a regression as long as they are learning something. For us, we have been focusing this time implementing rules that we could never do before because of our busy schedules. We make sure we eat all our meals together without gadgets, we play games and even co-consume the screen together. 

P.S If you are struggling to bond with your kids with so much happening at home, we understand. Don’t forget to check out KSP Summer Fun Factory for suggestions we have that you could do as a family. 

We spoke to Mithun Sacheti, the founder of CaratLane on Raising Parents, a Jio Saavn podcast, hosted by Mansi Zaveri. He speaks to us about:

And more… 

This episode is extremely candid, real and a no-barred-conversation! Don’t forget to tune in and let us know if you agree or disagree with what he has to say!

Where can you listen to the show: Jio Saavn

When: A new episode every week on Wednesday

Check out this amazing way the founder of CaratLane raises his children!

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