6 Week FREE Summer Planners For Kids – Download NOW!

Let the KSP Summer Planner guide you and help you structure your child’s day so they know what they can do all day and you can organize your own day better. Sign up for 6 weeks of FREE summer planners that come to your WhatsApp every week.

Tired of “Maaaa I am bored?” No more worries!

From the best books to read to the essential skills they need to the right videos they need to watch- we have got it all covered. And relax- they don’t involve super expensive supplies that make you run to the store daily. They are activities your kids can do with things lying around in your house- that you didn’t think of!

Now while all the kids want to do is run amok. Some things we recommend you do and teach your kids this summer is

  • Stick to a routine – Making a schedule helps keep the peace.
  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise of any kind is very important – whether using a skipping rope or making an obstacle course. Stay active.
  • Get your kids involved in chores. It gives them a sense of importance. 

We at KSP have curated the best things to engage, entertain and educate your kids this summer!

  • Activities
  • TV Recommendations
  • Book Recommendations
  • Age Appropriate Chores

Simply click on the links below to get access to 6 weeks of planned activities & recommendations. Each week we will automatically send you a planner on your WhatsApp. Print it, stick it on the fridge and what’s more? We have added links to the PDFs to help you along.

As per your child’s age click on the right link to get the Summer Planner curated for your child’s age. FREE PDFs for the next 6 weeks coming your way, every week! Enjoy!

So what are you waiting for? Click and have a fun summer!

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