Mom of Twin Boys Shares How She Does It All

This mom shares her lockdown poem-story – being home with 2 twin boys. She’s not tearing her hair out just yet!

Because this is once in a lifetime lockdown with our kids !.. (or so I hope!) and I hear so many cribs (including myself). While so so many things are tough and crazy what's beautiful is the family time and togetherness that we are getting today this lockdown. So let's cherish it, max it, enjoy the mess and clean up later.

I used all those feelings and channelized it into writing this short poem. Hope you enjoy it!

Here goes!

I wake up in the morning with a lovely little bum on my face

I struggle all day looking for a spot with decent WiFi and space.


I track my BigBasket twice an hour trying to stock up on the stash

How Ketchup, Makhana, Cheese Slices all vanish in a flash


Why are my kids extra-loving, enthu and clingy during work calls?!

Peeping heads are now a usual & noise is travelling across walls


There is this breather- The holy 1-hour nap that comes at a cost

With a negative ROI, putting them to sleep is more time lost


Sugar and Chocolates are 'Essentials' at ours, I have never baked so much in a week

Kitchen Experiments are at a rise and screen time is at its peak!


So are the cuddles and snuggles & toddler talks along balcony walks

With a multiplying vocabulary, their logic sometimes gives me the shocks

Exercising in my house is like calendar blocking, better be a planned affair

Be it the venue, the hour or the spouse, if nothing coincides I just whisper a little prayer


It is a tough phase, but I must admit there is some magic in this house arrest

This big fat summer vacation of theirs is all messy love and a madness fest


So work-pocha-play and repeat. Do nothing or everything, laugh laze and eat

Shake a leg or break a leg, cook lick clean-up & don't mind the cheat.


I believe this 24*7 lockdown with our kids is also for some memories to make

Because routine is always there for life ahead…… now let's go bake a cake! 

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