Mommyhood Gives You Magical Powers To Pursue Your Dreams, Says This Mom

Kidsstoppress will feature a series of successful entrepreneurs in the parenting and childcare segment- the ones who have worked hard to establish a brand that is helping parents in #SimplifyingParenting and living their dreams. Read their story.

Starting this week, Kidsstoppress will feature a series of successful entrepreneurs in the parenting and childcare segment- the ones who have worked hard to establish a brand that is helping parents in #SimplifyingParenting and living their dreams.

How do they do it? What is their inspiration? What prompts them to cater to the littlest of their customers in a way that creates an impact? We ask them all of this- that will help inspire fellow moms to think big and follow their footsteps into the world of business and passion. Scroll down to read more about these successful mompreneurs in our exclusive #MomBoss series.

This week, Bhavna Jasra, the brain behind First Impressions, tells us her story of what it takes to be a successful mompreneur.

Passion makes you do the unthinkable- don't you agree? We have all at some point, studied certain subjects and courses but ended up working in tangentially different streams later in life! I will wait for a minute for those of you nodding!

Bhavna Jasra, a microbiologist did the same. Following her passion for art who decided to pursue her passion for art, Bhavna is one of the pioneers in India who is known to have introduced the unique concept of casting of hands and feet as a type of memorabilia. But how did she embark on such a unique passion?

It was during the latter part of her second trimester that she chanced upon the art of casting in London and immediately fell in love with it. There was no hesitation, no second thought about how to handle pregnancy as well as passion. “Conventionally I should have waited for a year or two till my child was born & I was settled with mommyhood before embarking on my new journey but I looked at this very differently. So, I prepared myself right from the 5th month of pregnancy", she tells us. 

Bhavna's story is inspiring and teaches us a thing or two about how passion can actually make you so focussed and driven. She trained and learned her craft with zeal and passion during her pregnancy and started her own original business venture in India, just 11 days after her daughter was born! 

Life is all about cherishing and preserving one's special memories, we believe. Bhavna Jasra echoes our thoughts with her brand First Impressions that helps preserve these unparalleled memories through metal casts that stand the test of time. “I help parents preserve that special moment of their child’s milestones while growing upon by casting their hands & feet encased in a frame with pictures that make the best memorabilia to cherish for the child & parent in years to come!” Through her masterpieces, she seeks to solidify the emotional bond between a parent and child, to make the intangible a tangible, real thing that can bring back memories even years later.

But we are sure the journey couldn't ve been very easy. Managing a newborn and launching a new brand is tough, for any mompreneur. Bhava makes it sound like a breeze. "I always say that I have raised twins. Both need equal time, commitment, and attention to grow.” We moms, at Kidsstoppress, can relate to that. And everything doesn't too easy. They have their own challenges and limitations and only with time, you learn to balance both- things that make other moms wonder #HowSheDoesIt!  She says that like any mompreneur, she too had to learn how to balance her time between the two, without taking away from either. They are both her babies and she nurtures each with patience and love. "All you need is some patience, loads of passion, and a pinch of faith", she lets in on the secret recipe for success. 

From starting the brand as a fledgeling to helping it grow into an established name, Bhavna Jasra has worked hard to raise First Impressions as one of the premier casting brands in the country with a clientele that boasts of celebrities like Mukesh Ambani to Sachin Tendulkar, Rajinikanth, Narendra Modi, and lots more. She says being a parent, helps her understand the emotions of her customers better and in turn, helps her deliver the intended results. 

Being a mom doesn’t detract from one’s business skills. You simply become stronger and more capable to break away from other’s expectations and forge your own way.
“A woman can achieve anything and is capable of doing wonders! She can excel as a housewife and an entrepreneur and manage both extremely well", she explains. 

Back to working as an expectant mom or as a new mom, and why a sabbatical is an absolute-must, Bhavna dismisses the notion as a societal construct. Having resumed work even before her baby was 2 weeks old, she explains how mommyhood gives you magical powers that help you steer ahead, pursuing your dreams. As all working moms know, a business is like a child. It can give you immense joy but also cause untold frustration. Thus, the most important advice she gives is to take time for yourself. Take a minute to breathe without the world impinging upon your space. Your work should give you joy and that is the true goal, she tells us. 

We love it when successful moms are ready to share their lessons, their entrepreneurial journey and the stumbling blocks they faced with other moms to help them. That's the sole reason behind the #MomBoss series and have achievers like Bhava to thank for. "Kidstopress has given an amazing platform for mom entrepreneurs to reach out to other mothers to motivate, encourage them to work and simplify parenting", she tells. 

What First Impressions does:

  • Started in 2012 by Bhavna Jasra.
  • Based in Mumbai.
  • Have carved a name for themselves among leading celebrities and parents as the go-to name for casting expressions on hands and feet of tiny li'l humans. 


First Impressions: Website Facebook Twitter 

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