Moms- Organizing Your Kitchen Just Got Simpler With These Easy Hacks!

These tips will not only make your kitchen look cleaner and organized but also will help you save a lot of time when you are working.

Why not take a little extra effort to organise your homes and not just clean it,? After all, you were planning on doing that anyway, weren’t you?

We suggest that you don’t clean your house but also think of organising the kitchen. These tips will not only make your kitchen look cleaner and organised but also will help you save a lot of time when you are working.

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So get set, and happy cleaning!

Kitchen Wall Storage

If you are a parent in a space-starved city like Mumbai, you will realise the importance of wall storage and how best you need to utilise it. For instance, check below how you can save space and use your kitchen walls to the maximum.

kitchen wall organisation ideas

Sort your spices in transparent bottles/jars

Spices or your Indian masalas are any cook’s delight. The aroma and flavour they add to the food are unparalleled. You know you don’t want to run through a dozen bottles or jars to locate the right spice when you are busy cooking. Make sure you arrange them in the order you will need them most. You can try sorting them in spice drawers (as shown below) or have magnetic spice holders.

spice storage ideas

Organise your cutlery in style

We agree the pros don’t need a label when organising their utensils. But doesn’t it look super cool when you do and also serves as a handy tutorial for the newbies (read, husbands!) in your absence! Always remember to sort them according to the size and material- to avoid scratches.

utensils organisation ideas

Kitchen Rack Storage

We can never have too much space on our kitchen shelves, can we? With the introduction of superfoods in our lives and new ingredients, we hoard based on recipes we come across- we just don’t have the space to store them all. Make sure you classify them based on your usage. The Indian dals and rice need to be at a more accessible place in your kitchen then your cake flour and millets. Also, make sure you store the half-opened packets safely in an air-tight container or through these useful clips you get in the market to seal the half-opened packets.

Food storage

Storing your vegetables and fruits the right way:

Organising and sorting your veggies from the market helps you immensely plan your weekly meals ahead and you don’t have to rush to the stores at the last minute. Make sure you use separate eco-friendly covers or baskets to store your day-to-day veggies like tomato ginger, in the refrigerator. For your regular veggies that don’t need to be refrigerated like potatoes, onions and garlic- opt for a stylish storage basket that you can place in a corner of your kitchen or go in for those sleep racks that are easily available in the market.

Store your fruits in stylish fruit bowls or steel racks that urge you to take a healthy bite everyday! Make sure you check out the mesh bags that are available in stores near you or online that help store your fruits and keep them fresh for a long time.

fruit storage ideas

Storing your kitchen’s lifelines- the pots and pans!

As mentioned earlier make sure you utilise the walls in your kitchen to the fullest. Ideal for storing (as well as displaying!) your trendy pots and pans! Make sure you store them in such a way that is easily accessible and also doesn’t end up with a dozen scratches each time you retrieve them! Causes a heartbreak to any cook- we tell you!

Your kitchen remains your primary workplace at the end of the day- the place where you create great memories for your families! As exhausting as it may sound to rearrange and organise, make sure you do it frequently to help get rid of the clutter and to keep it a ‘happy place to work in’! Remember, a happy kitchen inspires you to cook some of the most delicious meals! Also, don’t forget to seek the help of your kids when you rearrange or stack your products. Kids love to help in the kitchen- as this is one place that never runs out of action! From stacking the jars to storing your new provisions- kids love to help you- make sure you ask for a helping hand!


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