Money Management 101 For Indian Families | KSP X Vishal Khandelwal

In a KSP Exclusive, Vishal Khandelwal, the founder of Safal Niveshak talks about how to be smart with your money. The key element before investing is to have enough SAVINGS and he gives us the perfect formula for it. He also talks about what our financial plan should look like.

How much do we know about where and how to secure our family’s future? We all know the keyword before investments is SAVINGS. But do we really know how to allocate that money well? Are we saving enough for our children’s education?

When we asked Vishal Khandelwal, the founder of Safal Niveshak to talk about investments, savings, and financial planning, this is what he had to say. 

He stresses on the concept of savings and how most families get it wrong: 

                    Mistakes family make:          Income – Spending = Savings

                    Vishal Khandelwal’s way:     Income – Savings = Spending


Vishal Khandelwal also talks about Financial planning and makes us understand how important it is to secure our future with:

1) Emergency Funds 

2)  Insurance

3) Investments

Investments are as important as savings, and 100% of those savings should be invested in stock markets and mutual funds. Stock markets mean investing in long-term businesses which only makes our money compound. 

Tune in to this video and watch how Vishal Khandelwal breaks down money management for us. He talks about savings, investments, where to invest, Real Estate, renting, stock markets and many more factors.

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