Most Popular iOS Apps To Teach Your Kids All About Yoga & Mindfulness

Make sure you include your kids as a part of your daily Yoga routine with these most popular iOS apps that are helping make this world a better and fitter place to be in! 

With schools closed and the pandemic sweeping the country – kids are spending their time watching TV, reading books and not getting to play outdoors? How do we ensure they stay fit? 

It is a good idea to start teaching yoga to kids at an early age, as it will not only benefit them physically but also with their emotional and overall well-being. Yoga helps children to develop interpersonal relationships, stress management, and mindfulness, skills that might be useful in their adulthood.

If you are looking at including Yoga as a part of your daily routine, you need to start now! Make sure you include your kids as a part of your daily yoga routine with these most popular iOS apps that are helping make this world a better and fitter place to be in! 

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1. Wuf Shanti Mindful Yoga Fun 

About the app: Wuf Shanti is a little dog who travels the world sharing yoga, meditation, & mindfulness with kids through fun games & music. Shanti means peace. Wuf Shanti was created by a kid for other kids, promotes health, wellness, & happiness in children, & encourages peace and positivity. 

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2. Zen Studio Meditation For Kids 

About the app: Who knew painting can make your kids feel more relaxed and calm? This geometric finger painting app, aimed at kids aged 3 years and above, is designed to help your little ones relax and focus. As your little ones go ahead colouring on the designs, a soothing music algorithm plays in the background making it a relaxing experience for the kids.

Download: iOS 

3. Headspace Guided Meditation For Kids

About the app: This widely popular app teaches your mindfulness through fun and engaging exercises that help them practice breathing exercises and focus-based meditation. With 5 different themes such as Calm, Kindness, Focus, Sleep & Wake Up. 

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4.  Stop, Breathe & Think Kids 

About the app: Stop, Breathe & Think- one of the famous mindfulness apps for adults launched a version for the little one’s last year. Once your child selects a mission- that ideally lasts for less than 7 minutes- narration follows with a step-by-step procedure, following by relaxing music and some animations for kids to enjoy better. 

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5. Yoga & Fitness Kids 

About the app: This educational app without any in-app purchases or ads, helps teach your kids more than 25 exercises and around 39 yoga asanas to stay fit and healthy. 

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6. Appu’s Yoga For Kids

About the app: This is easily our favourite. in addition to the series on rhymes and songs for kids, Appu Series has also come up with this Yoga for kids series in all postures that kids and adults can easily understand and try out. Each asana is explained at first, what it means and then taught so that your child takes time to understand the essence of the pose and why we do it.

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7. Super Stretch Yoga

About the app: Move, play and breathe as Super Stretch introduces you to his friends and their yoga poses. Super Stretch is your guide who takes you on your journey. Using storytelling, animation and video examples, kids enjoy making NAMASTE a part of their day.

Download: iOS

8. Kids Yogaverse

About the app: One of the most popular names, this app was one among the first iPad apps that were designed to teach yoga to kids. Teaches kids about 13 yoga poses along with relaxing music to help them practise on an everyday basis. 

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9. Yoga For Kids

About the app: This fun-filled Yoga app is one that suits both you and the kids. With 17 fun and safe Yoga positions for kids to try, this is the right app for your kids to get all excited and interested in Yoga. The app helps you understand the positions better with the help of accompanying audio from Yoga expert Miranda Mattig.

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10. Sing Song Yoga

About the app: This app combines two of your child’s favourites- music and Yoga! This musical programme with lyrics that instruct your child to practise the right poses, makes the whole experience child-friendly, brain-friendly and enjoyable.

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11. Mindful Powers 

About the app: Who knew that you could use the power of play to help kids stay calm and practise mindfulness? This popular app does it and how! With a skill-based approach, this app empowers kids to bring calm to their lives at the touch of their fingertips.

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12. Mindfulness For Children

About the app: A guided meditation app that is widely used in schools across Denmark and around the globe, this one helps kids and others in the family stay calm and reduce their stress and anxiety levels. Proven to be effective with kids with ADHD too, this app has step-by-step audio instructions that kids will find easy to follow. 

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13. Wellbeyond Meditation For Kids

About the app: A magical app for kids that helps them understand the need to stay calm and destress themselves the fun way. With different modes, that help teach different aspects to kids such as feelings, sleep, etc- this one with interesting graphics makes it a preferred choice. 

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14. Yoga For Kids – Fun Workout For Kids

About the app: This educational application offers children a good chance to work out in a playful way. It presents 30 different poses (for instance cat, dog, camel, frog, fish, warrior and sun salutation) stemming from yoga exercises adjusted for small kids, each with pictures & an explanation.

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15. DreamyKid Meditation 

About the app: DreamyKid takes the hassle out of figuring out what’s right for each kid and offers a ton of diversified programmes for every situation the child or teenager is going through. From starting the day with positivity to going to sleep listening to positive affirmations, DreamyKid offers many categories and mindfulness programmes. Meditation categories for kids, boys and girls, ages 3 – 17 include General Meditations (confidence-building, positive-thinking, etc.), Sleep Stories, Guided Journey, Healing Activities, Affirmations and Issue-Based Guided Meditations. 

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16. Mindful Family: Meditation App

About the app: This app introduces your family to the practice of meditation. They also have guided meditations to help your child gently process their experiences and learn to use breathing to restore emotional balance and to locate and release emotional stress in the body.

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