Movie Time: 3 New Movies On Disney Hotstar That We Have Bookmarked For This Weekend

The perfect set of movies to binge watch this weekend is here! Don’t miss out on these amazing picks.
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The weekend is here! Are you planning a fun getaway? or a day at the beach? or just a simple movie night? If the latter, we have the best 3 movies you can enjoy with your kids. There’s nothing more special than family time! By doing the simplest of things as watching movies, you are creating memories. And in this non-stop, ever-moving world… I think we shouldn’t waste even a second!

Starting this week, we will be bringing you movie recommendations for the entire family. New releases, old classics must watch or just movies we loved watching with our kids – you’re in for a treat!

Do Kids Enjoy Movie Night?

Of course, they do! Imagine this- quiet and comfy pillows castle with some hot chocolate and crunchy popcorn or maybe some pizza? All of you are together, laughing and having fun. Sounds exactly like what kids would love on a weekend.

Also, no need of dressing up, find places, searching seats in a theatre which will be full anyway. In that cunning AC freeze. Compare that to the cosy and comfy atmosphere of your own house. I’d choose my house any day!

Dim the lights, bring out the popcorn & silence, please!

Now here are 3 movies you all will absolutely love!

3 Movies To Watch With Kids:


A young man on the brink of falling in love gets his world turned upside down when he discovers he has the power to control fire and a connection to a secret society of guardians. This movie will keep you and your kids mesmerised! Also, with the many Hindu mythological references, it would be a fun way to teach them about it.

OTT Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

Age: U/A


A ballet dancer battles her own reflection, overcoming doubt and fear by channelling her inner strength, grace and power. This is the first time Disney has a plus-sized heroine in its film. Isn’t it really amazing and astonishing? Even though it’s a short film, this would be a great movie for kids to know the importance of being true to themselves.

Pinocchio, a marionette, must earn the right to become a real boy by proving to be truthful, brave and selfless. He is assisted by Jimmy Cricket, his assigned conscience.

OTT Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

Age: U/A


Pinocchio, a marionette (puppet), must earn the right to become a real boy by proving to be truthful, brave and selfless. He is assisted by Jimmy Cricket, his assigned conscience. This is a fun and meaningful movie to watch, especially for kids.

OTT Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

Age: U/A

Share this with others and spread the joy! Happy weekend to you! If you have some movie suggestions that just have to make the KSP Recommendations list then talk to us in the comments below. We’ll definitely add them!

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