Must Have Baby Proofing Items All New Parents Should Know About

Baby-proof your home with these must-have products: edge cushions, cabinet locks, socket covers, door stoppers, pressure gate, sliding door locks!

One of the greatest joys is watching your baby crawl and move on their own for the first time. As happy as you are at that moment, remember that you need to mentally make a checklist of all the things you need to keep out of your baby’s reach. Your baby is so excited to crawl, scoot and explore the world and they have no idea that plug points are dangerous and that the cabinet may topple on them.

So to make sure you know what can potentially pose a risk for your intrepid little traveller, try this simple trick. Get down on all fours and take a look at the world your child can see. Now you understand why that power outlet and those loose wires are so exciting?!

Instead of panicking be prepared. We tell you exactly what you need to baby proof your home and where you can buy it from. Always remember, even though you might baby proof your house, never leave your child unattended.

Things to remember when you child-proof:

  • Remember no corner is small enough to squeeze through or no table is low enough for baby to push his fingers through.
  • Keep all wires tied and safely fastened together. Do not compromise on this.
  • Try and make sure you pick up small pieces of trash lying around the house. Your baby could potentially choke on them.
  • Always ensure the bathroom doors are closed. Also, when not using, never store water in the buckets up to the brim.
  • Adjust the baby crib/cot to the lower levels as your child grows. To step out of the crib, would be the top priority for the growing minds!
  • As funny as it sounds, periodically go down on your knees and survey your home to locate potential hazards.
  • Don’t wait till your baby starts crawling. Even before your child starts crawling, you will need to think about baby-proofing your home.

Here are 7 must-have baby proofing products.

1. Child Safety Strip Cushion For Baby Safety Child Proofing

Description: For furniture with sharp edges, this works like a charm!  This strip helps to cushion the edges saving your child from those cuts and bruises. Shop here

2. 8 Pcs Child Baby Toddler Infant Safety Lock for Drawer Fridge Cabinet

Description: Infants have a knack for opening cabinets and fridges, while doing so they tend to hurt themselves. These locks are just perfect as they are soft on their hands and secure cabinets from being opened. Shop here

3. Child Proofing Electrical Socket Covers

Description: Every child that ever crawled has been curious about the power outlet and have inevitably put their finger into the holes! Keep your child safe by using socket covers. Shop here

 4. Corner Guard for Baby Safety

Description: Nasty injuries due to sharp edges of the furniture, is no fun!  Cushion the sharp edges if your furniture and let your child real free! Shop here

5. Finger Pinch Door Guard for Baby Safety

Description: A curious child can sometimes go exploring between the hinges of a door or even close to when a door closes. These cushioned door stoppers with cartoon designs are just perfect to keep the door from closing. Shop here

6. Wall Saver for Pressure Gates

Description: Have a flight of stairs in your house and are scared baby will climb? Don’t worry! All you need is this pressure gate to block the entrance and you can be completely worry free! Shop here

7. Child Safety Lock for Sliding Doors

Description: These sliding door locks are a must have as they help in locking the sliding doors of the house, so as to avoid the accidental locking of the doors or getting hurt by them. These are easy to use and also avoid any  lock outs or fingers getting caught in doors. Shop here

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