Must Read Book Lists For 6-8-Year Olds (Indian Authors Included)

Does your child also love reading books..?

Does your child also love reading books..?

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Do you love how your kids bond with their grandparents? They love listening to the stories from grandparents and how a teeny tiny moral creeps in at the end of the story. Here's what's brewing in our curated list of grandparent's special for your kids.

Kids love fantasy and mythology. My child spends every single day asking me to narrate her favourite incidents from the epics and they just can't have enough. If your child loves mythology- here are some of the big names that are featuring on our list. 

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What is the right age to get our kids to fall in love with science Well, they are never too young to explore the world of STEM and start falling in love with them! For your li'l Einsteins- here is what's in store. 

Is your child fascinated with "once upon a time" and "long long ago"! For the little fiction fans- here are some popular and recent names that you must read out to them, this summer!

Kids simply love animals! The bond they form with animals through stories, cartoons and toys is simply adorable and here are some amazing books for your kids that will get them all excited! 

Feminism is much talked about today- but are we teaching our little ones about that? Here are some of the popular books that teach your kids all about girl power!

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