Popular Roald Dahl Books That Must Be On Your Child’s Bookshelf

Roald Dahl books are what fantasy is made of. They are excellent for kids of different ages so buy a copy for your little one and start your own collection!

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You know how when you were growing up, way back in the 90s you would enter into a library only to be literally enveloped by the sights and smells of books, each one eagerly waiting to be picked up and read. I would visit one such library every fortnight and each time I would be torn between books, wanting to take them both but knowing I could take only one book and one magazine, according to my membership allowance.

A lot of times mysteries like Nancy Drew and Famous Five would win. But mostly I wanted to be lost in the world of Roald Dahl and his magical creations – each one simply waiting to take the reader and introduce her to a literal display of characters, each one more unique than the last. Until you read them all and admit you are a Roald Dahl fan when you remember each one of those characters vividly years later! 

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We have curated a reading list for 4-6-year-olds and one for 6-9-year-olds. We hope you enjoy them! If you have some recommendations to add to our list, please talk to us in the comments below.

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