My Child Is So Picky & Won’t Try New Foods. What To Do?

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“Doc my child is so fussy in eating. Very picky and just doesn’t want to try any new foods. I’m fed up of meal times and making her eat”.
Conversations like this one are an everyday thing for me. And I understand it very well because as a young child I had major appetite issues. I wouldn’t want to eat and my mother struggled and got frustrated. No one knew the problem. I knew I wasn’t faking it. I genuinely didn’t feel like eating. The family doctor gave me some appetite boosting syrups and some vitamin tonics to fatten me up. ( which sadly hasn’t happened until today)

Finally, a visit to an old Homoeopath was eye-opening for my parents. I remember I was 12 years old then. He explained to them that I have a digestion issue, that needs to be resolved. And he gave us some ‘sweet pills’. What happened next was almost magical. I could actually taste food. It was quite a gustatory experience that I hadn’t had until that point. And since then not only have I been eating and digesting well, but I’m on a mission to help mothers understand that children can’t act out or do drama all the time. They have gut issues which if addressed correctly, banishes the problem that you come with to a Homoeopath!!
So a few months ago, this 4-year-old child was brought to me with tantrums and fussy eating. Addressing all issues and even helping curate a meal plan set us on the journey. 3 months down the line, there are no tantrums, the child is ready to taste many new foods, feeds herself and has improved overall.
Don’t force-feed children. Don’t expect them to eat the same way every day and don’t fill them up with multi-vitamins. If the digestion is poor, they are not going to absorb the vitamins either.

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