My Child’s Preschool Teacher Changed Her Life And I Am Thankful

Be grateful to your preschool teacher!

We all have special people in our lives. They leave an indelible mark on us because of their love and support. I wanted to share an unforgettable experience in my life that has made me thank my child’s preschool teacher daily.

I am blessed with two daughters, both of them my joy and strength. My daughters’ relationship with each other is the stuff legends are made of. They play together, laugh together, learn together and there was never a need for me to intervene.

I would always focus on the younger one and make her follow her older sister for simple and routine day to day activities. This worked so well in our daily life that I never thought it would pose a problem for me later on.

Her First Step Into The World

As days became years, it was soon time for my younger daughter to enrol in preschool. This was the first time she would be away from me and separation anxiety set in. Anxiety and initial time for an adjustment in school are common for every child and usually settles down with time. But in her first parent-teacher meeting, her teacher told me that my daughter wasn’t interested in any activity and doesn’t even play with the other children. She wouldn’t cry, but her shyness and social inactivity were higher than any other child.

The Move

Things began to get worse when we moved from India to the USA. Language started being a problem. When we enrolled her in school she seemed to be excited but then again refused to make a connection with her teachers and classmates. She would cry every morning and refused to go to school.  We were helpless and at our wit’s end. It took us months to figure out what was wrong.

She was so shy and withdrawn because she missed her older sister. She needed her sister to initiate a conversation and was unable to do it alone.

When we figured this out, we relaxed a bit. Maybe we could talk to her teacher and tell her the problem. Would she help? With all of these thoughts, I went to school to talk to her teacher and explained the dynamics of their relationship with her. To my surprise, she not just understood but supported us. After listening to the whole problem patiently, she assured us that she would take positive steps to help her.

She was sure that with a little extra love, care, and guidance, this problem could easily be overcome. In just a few months, my child changed completely. She turned into a confident and happy child and even started speaking to her classmates in English! This would have never happened if it wasn’t for her preschool teacher and the extra effort she took. For that and so much more I will be eternally grateful.

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