Myths vs Facts About Breastfeeding For Every New Mom

We are debunking some major myths about breastfeeding and if you are new mom, watch this! A simple mom-to-mom conversation that you need.

Motherhood is the most beautiful and equally pressuring journey, especially for a new mom. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are so many do and don’ts and advice and warnings and myths floating around that period, they almost make a new mom feel overwhelmed with expectations and disappointments. With the numerous added responsibilities and numerous ways of doing those responsibilities, one such is Breastfeeding.

The most important duty of a new mom is to provide the required nutrition for her new born. But the various commentary being thrown around in the background can make this simple and beautiful process really stressful. We understand what you are going through moms. And so, we are gonna debunk some major myths about breastfeeding and give you facts instead, that will clear all doubts and make your mom-journey a little more enjoyable!

5 Myths About Breastfeeding That Every New-Mom Hears About:

  1. Your baby is difficult.
  2. You’re not breastfeeding enough.
  3. You will not lose weight because you breastfeed.
  4. You’re not producing enough milk.

Sound familiar? Fear not! is here to help you through your journey and give you the right information at every step.

We also have these amazing tips about breastfeeding that every new mom will definitely find helpful. A complete guide to everything that you need to know is in this. Isn’t it great when we find all that is there to know in one place? If you are a new mom, you need this! Check it out now!

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