NCERT Report: How Toys Help Your Child Pick Up Essential Skills

We have always played with different toys but it was never ever related to anything serious. This research on toy-based pedagogy will change this perspective.
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We have always played with different toys throughout our childhood. But it was never ever related to anything serious. Toys were just toys. As we grew up, we were told to keep toys away when academics come in. Because toys are only for plat time and might “distract” us from studies. Would they? This Toy-Based Pedagogy research says differently.

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On the surface. these games may seem just fun, but at the depth of it, they teach us skills. We often separate play time and study time. As parents, we feel that kids will never learn with toys and that toys are just for fun. We should never underestimate the power of toys when it comes to learning. But that doesn’t mean you get them a truckload filled with them and cut out studies completely. You need to get them less but the right toys. Wooden toys are preferable.

Children learn more through creative play because it engages their senses. It stimulates them and makes them eager to continue exploring more about the world around them. Toys have a great potential to help children in their holistic development too! Here are some findings by the National Council Of Educational Research & Training on Toy Pedagogy and how they can be used:

Here’s How Particular Toys Can Develop Particular Skills:

Some Of The Major Benefits Of Toys Are As Follows:

Toys Can Spark Creativity And Imagination:

Creativity is very important to nurture and help children learn to think outside of the box. When children use blocks, dolls, animal toys, balls, mini-cars, or pretend toys, they start creating stories and living out scenarios in their minds. Their imagination develops and strengthens. This is very important considering the world we live In now which is very creatively driven.

Toys Help In Multidisciplinary And Interdisciplinary Learning:

When a child builds a tower with blocks and eventually watches it fall to the ground, they learn some concepts in physics (eg. gravity) and also think about a solution to stop this
fall. A puzzle stimulates children’s brains and helps them explore patterns. It challenges kids to come up with understandings and fuels problem-solving skills.

Toys Strengthen Motor Development:

Toys that require them to push, pull, grab, pinch, turn, or otherwise use their hands and body to make it do something are instrumental in a child’s growth. To develop motor skills, toys are the best way! They have fun all while developing necessary muscles.

Toys And Play Help In Social And Emotional Development:

Children who spend hours in wonderful play with their toys tend to have a healthier and happier childhood which they can look back to with fondness. This can help them make their transition to adulthood easier as they have fully been able to experience being a child.

Talks with parents during a play about social and emotional behaviours expected by society help children acquire important values such as tolerance, patience, teamwork, etc. You might not even be aware of it, but you are helping your kid develop emotionally during a simple play date.

Toys And Play Have A Therapeutic Effect:

In play therapy, children get an opportunity to express their inner world. Emotionally significant experiences can be expressed more comfortably and safely through the symbolic representation that toys and games provide. Sometimes, when children do not know how to process complex emotions like disappointment, anger or resentment or even anxiety- With toys, they can express them.

Here’s Why Lego Bricks Are An Amazing & Important Toy For Your Kid:

Did you find this interesting? Did you know this about toys before… At least I didn’t! I’m sure many parents don’t too- so do share this very valuable and insightful information with everyone.

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