Neena Gupta On Raising Masaba As A Single Parent

Author : KSP Team
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Lights. Camera. Action. Some people are just so natural on the silver screen. But does that mean that their real-life is as glamourous as the reel-life? What is the story behind their success? We have always been obsessed with unearthing stories for you – the ugly, the messy, the beautiful – it all comes together to teach our audience – that you need to fight for what you believe in. 

Today, Mansi Zaveri, the founder of, and our favourite Neena Gupta spilled the beans about her as a parent. They spoke about:

  • Neena Gupta being a single parent in the 90s and her struggles. 
  • What is Neena Gupta's perception of a perfect family?
  • About her non-negotiables when she was raising Masaba 
  • Incidents from her childhood shaped her to be the hardworking actress and mother today. 
  • Neena Gupta's role as a mother when Masaba was picking her career 
  • And more… 

We are loving Neena Gupta 2.0 on the silver screen. But we are in awe of how she has coped with her struggles and stood up so high in society! All we want to say is – you go, girl! 

You can also watch our exclusive interview with Masaba Gupta here:

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