Neha Dhupia I Diaper Bag Challenge

Neha Dhupia is getting all the help she needs to be a new mom from her friends! Does she know how to pack a diaper bag? Actress Soha Ali Khan finds out! Watch the video now!!

How prepared is a pregnant woman to be a mom? I'm sure we have all wondered at some point and so at a recent event, actress Soha Ali Khan decided to test just how ready Neha Dhupia was to be a mom. 

At the time of writing this, Neha Dhupia has given birth to a baby girl – Mehr Dhupia Bedi. 

So we have a heavily pregnant Neha Dhupia trying to figure out what goes into a diaper bag? How prepared is she to pack one? Does she know what to grab and go when it is an emergency and she needs to leave the house with the baby? Watch as she gets 20 seconds to pack her diaper bag and find out just how well she fares! Soha Ali Khan also mom to a baby girl Inaaya, gives Neha some much-needed parenting advice too! You can't afford to miss this one! 

Kidsstoppress loves to play this game with celebs and if you want to watch as we ask actress Teejay Sidhu what's in her diaper bag, you can do so here. 

What do YOU carry in your diaper bag? If you always tend to forget the essentials, this handy downloadable checklist will help! 


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