Neha Dhupia I Thoughts Every Pregnant Woman Has

Neha Dhupia is now a proud mom of a baby girl but we spoke to her exclusively during her last few weeks of pregnancy and quizzes her on thoughts every pregnant woman has and if she has ever googled her pregnancy!

'No-Filter Neha', or Neha Dhupia is now a new mom of a beautiful baby girl and Kidsstoppress wants to welcome her and her husband Angad Bedi to parenthood!

During the last few weeks of her pregnancy, we caught up with for a fun conversation and asked her questions that commonly run through every pregnant woman's mind. Every pregnant woman wonders if she needs to start watching childbirth videos or all the situations she can get away from simply by saying "I'm pregnant". Neha Dhupia is no different! 

We threw in all those questions and a few gems like if she has ever Googled her Pregnancy? 

Make sure you watch this video to watch her slay this fun Have You Ever round! Want more of Neha Dhupia? Make sure to watch pur first episode in this series. 33 Questions with Neha Dhupia. 

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