Neha Iyer: How To Restart After The Death Of A Loved One

There are many things we find hard even as adults. One of them is moving on from losing a loved one. Neha Iyer explains how she deals with these emotions.

Life is confusing, filled with ups and downs, fears, joys and so much more! But going through this roller coaster gets even tougher when the person you love leaves you for another journey. As adults, we try to act strong and mature and show that we have it all together when in reality we are shattered within.

Should We Not Act Strong Then?

As Neha Iyer beautifully explains, it’s not that we shouldn’t act strong… just that when we need to let it all out, we must allow ourselves that good cry. Always acting strong and denying yourself feeling those vulnerable emotions is not good for our mental health, especially in sensitive times. Losing her husband during her pregnancy, Neha has fought and conquered battles not many are brave for.

How Should We Allow Ourselves To Feel Those Emotions?

By embracing that sadness or the feeling of being low. Letting yourself feel those emotions, whether anger or hurt or fear and then making peace with it. The more you push these emotions away, the more burdened you feel. The best is to let them take over your body and then let them go. But what’s most important, is after you’ve let yourself go low and feel all these emotions, you get out of it. You don;t stay sad or angry. That’s equally as bad. Neha Iyer very simply explains this process.

Watch The Video To Hear How Neha Iyer Deals With These Complex Emotions

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