Neha Sahaya | Why No One Can Eat Just One Chip

Neha Sahaya, a nutrition and wellness consultant debunks myths about food, and how to manage sugar. Listen to the full podcast and this will help you with your 2023 New Year resolutions.

Did you ever feel that if you, or your children open a bag of chips, you couldn’t stop at just eating one. Did you ever you feel that you needed to stop eating, but you kept on craving for more? There is science behind the addiction. In this episode, Neha Sahaya reveals the truth behind packaged food.

Neha Sahaya, is a nutritionist, and a wellness consultant. She has been a nutrition consultant for the Kala Ghoda festival in 2018, and the official nutrition consultant for Miss Universe 2019 Vartika Singh. And also the Miss Super National 2019 Shefali Sood. She has also worked with Sunil Shetty and Baba Ramdev for the Mission Fit India Project.

While we are talking about many truth bombs, I read this quote recently.

If you’re looking at food labels, you realise it’s hard to find foods marketed to kids that don’t have a lot of sugar in them.” Kids’ yogurt, breakfast cereals, applesauce, desserts, and juice all tend to be packed with sugar – Jennifer Hyland, a pediatric dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic

This got me thinking, and made me stop adding more junk to the cart every time I visited the super market. I prefer going back to my roots, and adding simple food on the menu for my children. If you are struggling, and want to be on the same path as me – don’t forget to check out our amazing KSP Meal Plans!

In this episode of Kidsstoppress Podcasts, Neha Sahaya debunks food preferences for kids and family with Mansi Zaveri, the founder of Here’s a list of questions she wold be answering for us.

  • Why a packet of chips is so irresistible, and how to read a back of a pack.
  • Food choices we make thinking they are healthy, but they are not.
  • How to help kids make healthier choices
  • Sugar, and what it does to your body.
  • Sugar is inevitable. How to balance it with other foods, to stay healthy
  • And more…

Don’t forget to listen to the entire episode, because these revelations are shocking!

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