Neha Sharma Iyer |I Lost My Husband In My 1st Trimester


Peeing on a stick. Sharing the news. Celebrating each trimester. Recording each milestone of your child with your spouse. – don’t you think we take these small joys for granted?

When you get pregnant the support you want and need is something we assume will be given by our spouse. He’s there to handle it all.  Little do we know everyone doesn’t have the same.

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress caught up with actress & mom Neha Sharma Iyer. She lost her husband 5 days after they found out they were having a baby.  She opens up to us about

  • Her coping mechanisms after she lost her husband 
  • The help and support she got from family, friends and her therapist (yes! she has no qualms about seeing one)
  • If she ever felt ‘why me?’
  • The advice she received from everyone
  • Her parenting choices

And more…

You have to watch her interview. It is bubbling with positive energy and she’s just so strong and upbeat Like anyone else she has her good days and bad but she doesn’t allow it to pull her down.

Did you know her husband and her son share a birthday? Wow! What a beautiful coincidence. She celebrates both the people she loves the most in her life on the same day.

You will end the episode by saying HOW DID SHE DO IT! 


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