Nisha Aggarwal | Importance Of Family Time & No Screen Time

Neha Aggarwal reveals her motherhood journey, importance of family life and how she went cold turkey with screen time with her child. Listen to the entire episode of Raising Parents on Jio Saavn.

Motherhood grows your heart and fills you with love. The journey is not the same for any mom. With each child that's born, your heart expands and makes room for you to love another person with every fiber of your being.  But we are always torn apart between are we making the right decisions? Are we balancing work and life? Are we going to resent our children when we take a backseat at work? These questions are pondered by every parent but it's hard to give you answers. 

2020 flew by very quickly and one of the biggest discussions in screen-time. With schools being online, it was very hard for parents to take stern decisions. Questions like how much screen is too much? What are the precautions for so much screen-time? Is it ok to go cold turkey and homeschool your child. Has the pandemic and lockdown taught us that it is important for our child to have a sibling?

We spoke to Neha Aggarwal on Raising Parents, a Jio Saavn podcast hosted by Mansi Zaveri. She speaks to us about:

  • Family life 
  • Importance of a sibling 
  • Her life after having a child
  • How to balance work and life 
  • Going cold turkey with the screen 

Listen to the entire episode and do let us know your opinion on screen time. 

Where can you listen to the show: Jio Saavn

When: A new episode every week on Wednesday

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